Venture capital

Venture trajectory

DCN since its foundation in 2003, has developed an investment activity in newly created businesses, based on technologies or advanced knowledge.
  • In 2004, it formed an investment subsidiary from which it has been managing investments and joint ventures in different sectors.
  • In 2007 it promoted a second investment company. Investment has become a very complex and technical activity that requires being surrounded by sector specialists and specializing in investment mechanisms.
  • In 2011, it promoted the third investment company specialized in biomedicine.
  • In 2013, it promoted the fourth investment company in digital technologies.
  • In 2015, it began an intense activity in the innovation areas of global corporations with the aim of accelerating technology transfer.
  • In 2017, it regulated the company as SGEIC before the CNMV with the objective of regulating the previously promoted companies.
  • In 2017, divestment took place in Imegen, in which the accumulated investment was multiplied x11. It was acquired by Qualitas Equity Partners and Biolty.
  • In 2018, divestment took place in Qashops, in which the investment was multiplied x2. It was acquired by Vent-Privée.

DCN is an investment reference in innovation, in promoting the opportunities that science and technology offer in the economic change taking place in today’s world. For this,

  • DCN counts with an extensive network of national and international contacts, formed by next to 30 advisors, that allows it to share projects with the main risk funds of the capital national and international markets, private banking, family offices, global corporations and other entities that participate actively in the investment in innovation.
  • Adapts the recommendations to each investor according to their risk profile to invest. The investor makes the most of the DCN’s capacity to attract leading projects in innovative sectors with global development potential.
DCN is currently involved in the following investment mechanisms.



Investment fund for digital technology applied to health and entertainment.


Investment fund for innovation in the biomedicine sector.


Investment fund for innovation in every sector.



Technology companies in the biotechnological sector for the development of drugs and mainly medical diagnosis.


Technology companies in the agrifood tech sector, covering the whole value chain from plant biotecnology all the way to the consumer.

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