DCN is a luxury enterprise services boutique. Our objective is to promote the development of Spanish multinationals with a differentiated positioning, that contribute to improve the needs and quality of life of society as a whole with better business practices in Spain and around the world, supported by technology and with a global focus.

Fundamental dimensions

The management of this model is based in the government of a series of fundamental dimensions:

  • Identifying fundamental problems in society and supporting the implementation of solutions.
  • Direct business management from the management experience in its team of collaborators.
  • Corporate alliances in order to reach common goals.
  • Business advisory with a team of professionals with ample experience in positions of high management of world class companies.
  • Funding innovation in companies with disruptive technologies.

Since its creation in Valencia in 2003, DCN has managed a collaborative model that promotes the relationships between companies that seek goals for the betterment of society, selecting new problems to solve and providing global solutions.

A universe of alliances that is defined by solidarity, transparency and loyalty, laying down a collaborative social model that builds relationships in different societal areas and is open to new approaches.

DCN manages directly the collaborative initiatives that integrate interests of different companies and the organic and emergent evolution in the necessary collaboration models.

DCN actively contributes to generating a wide community of professional contacts and leading companies that benefit from the business opportunities that grow among them, and facilitates the creation of collaborative synergy.

The types of entities that form part of this model are:

  • Best in One.
  • Scientific and academic institutions. This model is complemented with collaboration agreements with specialised companies in different areas of knowledge.
  • Instituciones científicas y académicas. Este modelo se complementa con acuerdos de colaboración con empresas especializadas en diferentes áreas de conocimiento.
  • En colaboración con la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, apoyo a la gestión integral de la innovación, accediendo a todo el conocimiento residente en la Universidad y fuera de ella.
  • In collaboration with the Universitat Politècnica de València, support to integral management of innovation, accessing the whole of the body of knowledge residing in the University and outside of it.
  • Corporate alliances with institutions and organizations in order to expand the capacity for action.

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