Corporate finance

DCN has a close relationship with several financial agents in public and private institutions, family offices, business angels, agents and brokers.
For this, DCN develops a funding support business model, fund raising (for both debt and equity), corporate instruments, project finance, flowing capital, guarantees, restructurations and special situations. DCN has established collaborative alliances with some of them, which allows us to facilitate access of enterpreneurs to private investors, bank funding, public funding and other private alternatives.


DCN Corporate is born from the know-how of the strategic advisor for medium-sized companies and the know-how of the Venture area. DCN Corporate’s mission is to propel startups with strategic advising methodology and the venture focus. DCN Corporate places the spotlight in the first mille in order to take it to the second mille, which is the area in which it has a track record of 11 years in venture and 15 in strategic consulting. This impulse is clearly marked by: business development, fund raising, access to the whole of the startup ecosystem and access to corporates both national and European.

DCN counts with a close relationship with several financial agents: public and private institutions, family offices, business angels, agents and brokers.


The same way and for companies in the seed/early stages, we facilitate access to alternative funding.


Detection of market leading multinationals in their sector with the need of accessing new technologies.


Equity crowdfunding has consolidated as a real alternative to bank funding and venture capital, a mode in which DCN has ample experience and direct relationship with several fintech, and within which it has access to different equity platforms.


Deals with financial and public entities. Financial entities with which it collaborates: ENISA, Fundación Innovación Bankinter, BStartup Banc Sabadell…

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