Business and technological strategy

DCN offers strategic consulting services with the objective of promoting the development of Spanish multinationals with a differentiated positioning based on the best business practices in Spain and the world, supported by technology and with a global focus. DCN has deep knowledge in various sectors.

These services are based on our Best in One, a pool of professionals with diverse experience, in senior management positions, in different sectors and world class companies.


Currently, DCN offers the following consulting services

Independent advisors and business governance

Support for good governance of the company, at the shareholder level / administration and management body, business management, talent attraction and strategic partners, as well as the achievement of results.

Business strategy and management control

Support in the definition of the business strategy, differentiation and transformation, repositioning of the business and restructuring. Diagnosis of the business situation, due diligence in acquisition or divestment processes, management control and Business Intelligence. Positioning with respect to the competition.

Innovation and technological transfer

Support in the introduction and development of technology for the generation of business, integral management of innovation, investment in innovation, commercialization of technologies and management of Venture Capital Corporate funds.

Digitalization of the company, functional areas with technological base and management of information systems, technologies and processes.

Online sales

Promotion of the online channel as a growth business. Ecommerce strategy, support for the management of the business unit and achievement of results.

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